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LEGO I Love That Minifigure: With Exclusive Zombie Skateboarder Minifigure

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Book Condition: 9/10 due to product aging
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Product Description
Meet the best LEGO minifigures of all time! This fantastic LEGO book brings together 200 of the coolest, rarest and most collectable minifigures from the very first LEGO printed minifigure onwards.

LEGO I Love That Minifigure is your indispensable guide to the unique characters of LEGO world. Read up on the Baseball Player, Egyptian Queen, Ice Planet Chief, Plant Monster, Chicken Suit Guy, Bumblebee Girl and many more of all your favourite LEGO minifigures! I Love That Minifigure covers more than 35 years of LEGO history, and comes with its own exclusive LEGO minifigure for your collection.

Find out the fun facts and stats of each minifigure and their rarity rating - perfect for young fans of LEGO toys and budding LEGO minifigure collectors.