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Funko Pocket Pop! Marvel: Thor Love and Thunder - Thor (Keychain)

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Condition: Original Funko
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Product Description

Bring The Thunder

Meet Thor Odinson, the grandson of Bor, the son of Odin, and the new king of Asgard. Thor is also the God of Thunder, which gives him control of the weather in a localized area. He can create high-speed winds, colossal lightning bolts, and can even talk with thunder/command it to his will. Being the King of Asgard and thus, the ruler of the 10 realms can get a little busy. Thor could probably use some company. If you want to roll (or fly) in style, you should check out our POP! Keychain: Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder - Thor. It depicts Thor with his blonde do, sick armor, and awesome ax Stormbreaker. If you are a fan of the God of Thunder, you will crack a lightning bolt for our Thor: Love and Thunder Keychain!


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