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Being Comfortable without Effort - Soo-Hyun Kim (Book)

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Publisher: Apop Books

ISBN: 9789715088510

Format: Softcover

Weight: 0.5KG

Language: English

Pages: 296


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Product Description

Learn how to be build strong relationship.

  • What if you aren’t beautiful?
  • What if you aren’t special?
  • You are complete as you are.
  • And our life is always precious.”

Even if you don’t pretend to be someone else, there are endless ways to love you. So don’t disguise as someone else. Instead, relax, be sincere in relationships, and show your comfortable self. That’s how to start genuine relationships. You are most lovable when you are the way you are.

  • Be comfortable the way you are.
  • Important Reminders in your journey towards happiness
  • You don’t need to be fun (be comfortable the way you are)
  • Don’t dance to someone else’s tune
  • My life is extraordinary but precious
  • There is a fundamental solitude that relationships can’t compensate.
  • Have the courage to disappoint
  • Don’t blame the past for everything
  • Express yourself to know the true value of someone
  • Develop the language that can protect me
  • How to end a fight
  • Sow seeds of relationship
  • Be affectionate towards yourself
  • Live with love at all costs
  • Be comfortable without effort